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My background is art. I received a BFA from the School Of Visual Arts in New York. In 1980, they asked me to create and teach a Toy Design program. This would be the first curriculum of its kind. Several of my students were the first ever to graduate with a major in Toy Design.


From 1975 to the early 1980's, before she was famous, I was the assistant to artist Louise Bourgeois. I assisted making her sculptures and took many photos of her and her work. Click to see my two favorite photos of Louise and I.


For most of my life, I made a living licensing my ideas to toy and game companies. The first idea I sold was in 1981 to Milton Bradley, a game called "Exit". Since then I've been granted 19 patents and have licensed over 50 ideas, most notably the "Jigazo Puzzle". Click to my YouTube Channel to see many videos of my work.


I'm a magician. I specialize in sleight of hand with cards and have performed magic around the world. I have also created many magic sets and products, including "Magic Works" and "The Magic Show" book.


In 1993, Tom Rodgers, Elwyn Berlekamp, and I created and co founded the bi-annual Gathering 4 Gardner conference and foundation. After Tom passed away in 2012, I was appointed president and served on the board of directors for several years. I am currently an advisor.


In 2014, the Academy of Magical Arts awarded me The Creative Fellowship and Honorary Lifetime Membership to The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.


I continue to create new magic, games and puzzles. I am also working on several new book projects. Recently, I have co-founded He'ron Elite a lighting company, and MeMuseum a company producing magic exhibits.





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